Erlang/Elixir 博客文:学习 Elixir 一个月,整理了一下学习经验和 “不小心” 踏入 Machine Learning

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👍 拜读!

看完了,写的真心不错 👍

I Accidentally Some Machine Learning 问下这个是有意为之么?读了几遍怎么还觉得是个病句。。。

另外 My Story of A Month of Learning Elixir 这里第二个 of 不需要吧?

#3楼 @defmacro "I accidentally" 是一个 meme,所谓的“网络流行语”: :)

#4楼 @fredwu 好吧我土了,感谢指教

The changset/2 function can be used when a user needs to be updated, whereas the creation_changeset/2 is to be used only when a user is first created. Sure, you can achieve similar result in Rails by using custom validators, but the fact that this practice is enforced by the library and the framework, is encouraging.

请问这一句是什么意思? 不太懂.

#6楼 @xiaoronglv 在 Rails 里,用 custom validators 也可以实现比较清晰的、适用于不同情境的 validation,但 rails / ActiveRecord 本身并没有强调这种使用方式,所以很多 AR model 里会有非常多的 validate_xxx xxx, if: blah 之类的,这类 validation 越多后越难测试与维护。

#7楼 @fredwu

Got it. Thank you.

But please, before you jump on Phoenix, learn Elixir properly first! Over the years I’ve seen far too many cases of people jumping on Rails without understanding the language features of Ruby… 特别喜欢这段😁




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